Carlos Dennis, Zurich

In the beginning there was music
Then I came (1986)
And then came the pictures

As a six-year-old I learned to play the piano. In my youth I tried to play various musical instruments and discovered then the bass. I stuck with this wonderful instrument until today.
As a bassist I experienced many great moments with the band "audiodelikt" and played concerts throughout Switzerland for several years. End of 2016 I left the band as I am spending more time abroad since then – in particular in Colombia.

Since 2010 I am working as a freelance sound engineer (Bachelor of Arts in Recording Arts). As I am predominantly working in the financial field and travel a lot I am concentrating on individual projects as a sound engineer.

As important as music is also photography for me. On my travels I am mostly taking pictures of landscapes. Since 2013 I am concentrating on beauty and nude shoots. There is not much more to say. But there is a lot to see! (gallery)